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3 Signs That You Need a Career Coach

At times, life can hit you hard. Presently it has been a roller-coaster with my mom’s health. Some of you know— she is a total care patient after a stroke. My role in her care is during the night. After I am done with my career coach consulting and training sessions, I go home, change clothes, and start my “shift” of being mom’s caregiver.

I live in a very small house and share my room with my mom as she needs care around the clock. Don’t get me wrong. I feel privileged to be able to help my mom and make her feel safe and protected.

This week mom’s discomfort made us worry as we did not know how to make her feel better. Because of her condition, she cannot communicate, thus, making it very difficult for us to know what was bothering her.


I share all that with you to highlight the need of having a balance between your family, your career, and your self-growth. It is important to know when to ask for help, when to take a knee, and when to help someone who is going through something.

Career coach consulting services can provide a range of services to help professionals enhance their careers and personal lives. Among many advantages, an executive career coach helps set clear career goals and create a strategic plan to achieve them. A coach provides guidance on improving leadership skills and identifying areas where you need improvement.

signs you need career coach consulting services

To find a balance in life, please be aware of how career coaching services can help you, your team, and your organization. Here are at least three signs that say you need a career coach:

  1. Lack of Direction: If you’re feeling lost or unsure about your career path, this could be a sign that you need a career coach. They can help you identify your strengths, interests, and goals, and guide you towards a career that aligns with these.

  2. Stagnation in Current Role: If you’ve been in the same position for a long time and don’t see any opportunities for growth or advancement, a career coach can provide strategies and advice on how to move forward.

  3. Job Dissatisfaction: If you’re unhappy with your current job, whether it’s due to the work environment, your responsibilities, or a lack of passion, a career coach can help you explore other career options that might be a better fit for you.

“99% of the harm is caused in your head, by you and your thoughts. 1% of the harm is caused by reality, what actually happens and the outcome. Most of the time, the problem isn’t the problem. The way you think about the problem is.” — Jim Rohn

Coaching is a process and will challenge you; however, you are worth it!

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