About Ericka Kelly Enterprises

Ericka Kelly Enterprises, LLC, is a full leadership and management consulting company located in Los Angeles County, CA. Our professional team has over 25 years in the executive coaching leadership development arena. We serve a wide range of industries that includes solopreneurs, small and large businesses, as well as global corporations.

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As a leadership and management consulting team, we leverage our combined backgrounds in coaching, training, law enforcement, military, emergency management, and entrepreneurship careers to help our clients accomplish their goals.

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Ericka Kelly Enterprises Values

Integrity | Strength | Loyalty | Selflessness | Service | Respect

Ericka Kelly Enterprises Vision

Transformation of lives through finding the highest level of awareness, infinite potential, and purpose.

Ericka Kelly Enterprises Mission

Through speaking, coaching, and training, we are committed to providing our clients a conduit to find a fulfilled personal life and a successful & profitable professional career or business. Our mission is for them to become the best in their industry. 

Executive Coaching Leadership Development

Issues that affect the success of a company today are centered on developing wise approaches to recruitment, leadership retention, and profitability in the current political and economic contexts.

We use a bundled approach of broad assessments, direct coaching, and team facilitated workshops to help you, and your organization address culture and performance through executive coaching leadership development.

executive coaching

Personal Executive Coaching

Our expertise in the personal executive coaching field includes individual/team personality and behavior assessments through DISC and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) and 360º Leadership assessments through Multi-Health Systems.

We offer leadership and management consulting in our solutions which include tailored presentations and training in the topics of communication, influence, and executive presence.


As professional executive coaches, our team has added value to people around the world. Top management in the organizations we have served have acknowledged the confidence, drive, and self-awareness they have developed as a result of our involvement. Another client expressed the deep impact of our coaching in the following words: “I was able to find my life’s purpose after recovering from extreme trauma.”

We are experts in leadership and management consulting. Our clients receive a world-class experience in which they are equipped with the tools, resources, and capabilities necessary to develop a mindset of excellence. As a result, individuals and teams take action to attain improvement in productivity, performance, and profitability.

You can count on the following and much more from our company to you and your team:

diversity and inclusion training


With us as by your side, you can break barriers and face obstacles to achieve your personal goals, maximize your time to become more productive, and discover your capabilities and push past your fears.


When you come alongside us in your growth journey, you understand how truly successful working in a diverse environment can be. The team learns how to build up a sense of purpose in every area of each other’s lives.


The benefits in our self-development and professional growth training include the exclusive attention we provide our customers. This includes active interaction where our clients can become more effective and fulfilled individuals.


In our mastermind sessions, you learn how to identify with people and relate to individuals in a way that increases your influence with them. To be a successful leader, learn to communicate and honestly connect with others.