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The Benefits of Executive and Professional Coaching

Last night as I was getting ready to relax and go to bed.  I realized I still had at least ten more things on my “to do” list. I remembered what my coach, Christian Simpson, stated in one of his teaching sessions. He recommended we prioritize our list and only do the top six.  

In professional coaching it is imperative our clients understand the benefits in prioritizing and having the awareness of finishing the first priority before they move to the second one.

Do you agree?

Benefits is professional coaching sessions include prioritizing. As an example, if you have ten things to do, prioritize them, and then concentrate on the top two.

Some of you know I am able to be an executive coach only and because of the help of my special-needs brother and my two sons.  Together we take care of my mother who is a total care person after surviving a massive stroke.  Some nights are better than others…when my mother is uncomfortable, she screams (the only way she can communicate).  With me being the primary care giver at might, sometimes, I do not sleep very well prior to starting a day full of speaking, coaching, or teaching obligations.  

I don’t share this for people to feel sorry for me, instead, I just want you to know that I get it.  I know how it feels to push forward with an almost empty tank.  And I also know how critical the benefits of executive coaching are.

What keeps me going is the fact I have amazing support from my brother and sons. The simplicity is that I am doing what I love, which is to serve you. 

prioritizing methods

Going back to prioritizing, what methods do you use to getting your “to do” list done? Well…, here are the top-three methods some of our clients attempted to use prior to investing in professional management coaching sessions:

  1.  Some used stickies throughout home and office for each item on their list.  As people reminded them of the tasker, they found the sticky and did the tasker (I don’t know if that is very effective…).
  2. A few of them used white boards with two color markers; one blue for building the list and the other one red to signify priority for the day or week.
  3. Most of them used some sort of technology to keep track of all the things that come daily.

professional coaching benefits

What is your method of getting your list done?  A benefit in professional coaching is that people appreciate the fact they do not have to do the whole “to do” list to be effective and productive.  An incredible benefit is knowing that if you concentrate on the top two items on your list, it will allow you to gain knowledge and place things in the proper perspective.  You will gain peace of mind, communicate better, and become more resilient.  

By investing in you, you will also learn a “to do” does not define you. Among many things, what actually defines you is:

  1. Your Experiences
  2. Your Perspective
  3. Your Personality
  4. Your Attitude
  5. Your Habits

Remember, analyze your list, prioritize, and complete the top two items on your list. When done with the first two-items, prioritize again and keep going with all the taskers.

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