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DISC Assessment Explanation: What You Will Learn

What is the purpose of communication? We communicate for many reasons, but the main reasons are to influence, motivate, express feelings, and inform. A personality and behavior assessment using DISC, provides answers on how to connect at a human level with others. Here’s an in-depth look at a DISC assessment explanation: 

disc assessment explanation

The DISC strength assessment provides individuals and companies a way to learn and build a strong team by taking advantage of the giftedness a distinct group of people can bring to an environment.

A simple DISC assessment includes how we are uniquely made and uniquely predictable. It stands for:

D = Dominant
I = Influencing
S = Steady
C = Compliant  

Our personality and behavior are shaped by three main areas:

  • Heredity:  From birth, there are distinct patterns of behavior.
  • Environment:  Our environment will impact our style. In fact, life experiences, especially emotionally charged ones in our developmental years, can have a big impact on our personality style.
  • Role Models:  There are role models in our lives who teach us what is valuable, or who may even reward us for certain behaviors to reinforce those behaviors within. 

Framework and Purpose of disc assessment

The framework of DISC personality profiles or DISC assessment explanation is not meant to label or place anyone in a box and close the lid. Each of us is a combination of all four of the DISC personality styles; however, we each have a natural set point of one, two, or even three styles that dominate.

When we lean into our own natural areas of strength, we can bring our best into our personal and business relationships. Here is an example of a DISC assessment explanation by primary style:

  • Have you ever known someone who is direct? If they drive projects forward and are bold, decisive, and comfortable being in control, then in a DISC personality exam, they may be D-wired.
  • Who do you know who is fun, the life of the party, great at telling a story or a joke, and very popular? Those characteristics indicate that a person may be I-wired.
  • Is there anyone you know who is loyal, dedicated, doesn’t seek attention, and is the backbone of your family or department? Someone who can always be counted on to support people and projects? In the DISC personality assessments, they are likely an S-wired individual.
  • Have you ever recognized someone who is neat, organized, and structured? They do not seek crowds and are quiet and very focused on the details. In DISC assessment personalities, they may very well be C-wired. 

Benefits of disc strength assessment

When individuals or organizations utilize DISC as a tool to either recruit or retain the best talent, these are some of the DISC assessment benefits:

  • Sincere appreciation of who you are and who others are:  Learn strengths, weaknesses, and how people fit in your life.
  • Clarification of your environment and pressures:  Learn appreciation to different areas of your life.
  • Positive affirmation of who you are and how you fit into environments:  Learn different ways to enhance personal | business relationships.
  • Positive support systems:  Learn something new about you and others.

A DISC strength assessment gives guidance to individuals to move into new levels of growth and awareness. You see, once we become aware of the pattern, we know what to expect! Once we know how someone else is wired, we can build stronger relationships and connections.

reaping the benefits of a disc assessment

When we become aware of the pattern of how people communicate, we not only know what kind of communication to expect from them, we also know how to best prepare for, interact with, and respond to them to have a successful connection!

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