In this straightforward and honest career guide for the Marines, you will learn:

  • 5 key factors that provide a competitive advantage and significantly increase the chances of success in securing the best possible position in the Marines.
  • Why being a United States military member is not the same as having a traditional job or corporate career.
  • Unique U.S. Marines opportunities for girls and in-depth discussion about how women can excel in service to their country through the United States Marines.
  • What to expect in your first year in the USM – boot camp and the new recruit experience.
  • How to use the Marines experience to find a purpose and grant you the self-confidence to help and lead with empathy and honor.
Allison Garces Executive Military Leader
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"I had the pleasure to hire Ericka to facilitate a 2-day seminar for military Enlisted Leaders. With her John C. Maxwell credentials, it was a perfect fitting to add value and leadership nuggets to the audience. As a result, we grew into our role, gained knowledge, and became better leaders. I highly recommend Ericka for any of your speaker, training and/or coaching needs. She is highly professional and provides excellent service. Ericka is approachable, professional, and engaging. She is a great communicator and motivator. She delivers beyond 100% and will not disappoint. Do not hesitate to move forward with Ericka for any of your engagements!"
Sean O’Leary, 1st Network BattalionTechnical Writer & Editor
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"If you are an individual or a business on the fence about hiring or inviting Ericka Kelly to be your coach or facilitator, I will tell you to hesitate no more. Ericka’s an amazing person, coach, speaker, and facilitator. Her story about where she came from to where she is now is one of the most inspirational stories you will ever hear and the grace and passion that she delivers her story, will make you think about your story and how you handle your setbacks and your growth. Ericka’s words, her training, her coaching, and her grace has had a wonderful and major impact on my life, and I know she will for you as well."

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About The Author

Learn from a veteran with 32 years of experience in the military, serving in multiple career fields, rising through the ranks and overseeing over 70,000 Airmen, Learn the five key areas that make all the difference in succeeding in the United States Marines. 

If you can master these five things, you will have a competitive advantage over other applicants and a much higher chance of success.  But there is one thing you need to know right now. These areas I identified – A RECRUITER CANNOT HELP YOU WITH. 

With over three decades of active service in the military I rose to the highest level, and was recognized, rewarded, and commended with a Congressional Tribute for my service to the country. In ‘Do You Have What It Takes? 5 Things a Recruiter Cannot Help You With – Marines’, I share these success strategies with you. So let me ask you, can you really afford to let an opportunity like this pass you by? yourself the best chance for success.

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  • Instant download of ‘Do You Have What It Takes? 5 Things a Recruiter Cannot Help You With – Marines’ will open your eyes to what you need to do starting from right now to maximize your chance of success in a recruitment process where most fail.
  • Military Leadership Conversations with Ret Chief Ericka Kelly – a complimentary once-a-month one-hour virtual session.

The military is a whole new world where different expectations are placed on you. It can be intimidating and overwhelming. It was for me! Can you really afford to blindly send off your application without finding out the five key areas you need to master?

For only $4.95 you will be equipped with a better understanding of what you need to do and more importantly who you need to become to join and thrive in the Marines.  So do not delay.

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