Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud of providing high-level executive coaching services in Los Angeles, nationally, and internationally for our clients. When you become one of our clients, you receive in-person and/or virtual tailored coaching and training sessions. In addition, our executive coaching services include personality and emotional assessments as well as lessons to master your communications skills.

Here are some of the answers we have provided our clients. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you.

A mastermind is a group between 5-to-8 members. This helps the participants have the time and attention they need to be successful in each coaching session. Each session becomes productive and effective.

Having between 5 to 8 participants allows better control from the coach in the group dynamics. The perfect balance ensures a good range of points of view and their experience can be exchanged to deliver learning and growth for all concerned. It also allows the moment-by-moment involvement of participants to vary. Keeping group sizes within this optimal performance range provides an intimate enough experience for people to feel included.

The result in a small group becomes an active learning interaction and exchange between ALL participants. The interactions are directed by participants in a non-judgmental environment where challenges can be met, and curiosity and courage required for self-discovery can be embraced without fear of ridicule retribution.

We are committing to provide the best service possible. If you would like a signed book, the simple steps to follow are:

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  2. Once payment is received, your book will be sent via USPS within three days of purchase.
  3. E-Mails will be sent during the duration of the delivery process.

We use the DISC Personality System. The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavior characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

D = Dominant, Driver
I = Influencing, Inspiring
S = Steady, Stable
C = Correct, Compliant

Knowledge of the DISC System empowers you to understand yourself, family members, co-workers, and friends, in a profound way.

Understanding behavioral styles helps you become a better communicator, minimize or prevent conflicts, appreciate the differences in others and positively influence those around you. In the course of daily life, you can observe behavioral styles in action because you interact with each style, to varying degrees, every day. As you think about your family members, friends and co-workers, you will discover different personalities unfold before your eyes.

Yes, we can help you become part of the best coaching community in the world with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

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You will become part of the elite coaches, teachers, speakers, and professionals, who provide leadership training and add value to people all over the world. In doing so, you will continue to do something of significance, as you transform lives and carry out the work of John C. Maxwell, while leaving an impact of our own. In addition, you will have the ability to connect with others. It’s no secret! Connecting is a skill you can learn and apply in your personal, professional, and family relationships and you can start now by becoming a coach.

Yes, when you schedule a quick meeting here

We will be able to illustrate how you can be licensed through Empowered Living to teach the following DE&I modules: Roles and Responsibilities in the Workplace | Why Diversity and Inclusion | Unpacking Common Stereotypes | The Art of Communication | Know the Law | If Employees Are Not Okay, Your Company is Not Okay | It Takes a Team | Together We Win

A zoom link will be sent through e-mail as well as any instructions for the class or mastermind.  

You can cancel a virtual training class or mastermind at any time before or during the scheduled sessions. For in-person events, the cost of travel will be covered by the hiring organization or event planner.

We guarantee 100% refund if not satisfied with any of our services.



With us as by your side, you can break barriers and face obstacles to achieve your personal goals, maximize your time to become more productive, and discover your capabilities and push past your fears.


When you come alongside us in your growth journey, you understand how truly successful working in a diverse environment can be. The team learns how to build up a sense of purpose in every area of each other’s lives.


The benefits in our self-development and professional growth training include the exclusive attention we provide our customers. This includes active interaction where our clients can become more effective and fulfilled individuals.


In our mastermind sessions, you learn how to identify with people and relate to individuals in a way that increases your influence with them. To be a successful leader, learn to communicate and honestly connect with others.