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How Business Coach Leadership Training Can Help Your Company Grow

In this short message, I would like to touch on the law of cause and effect, which states how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This law is linked to our human limited awareness. If we don’t capture and understand how our actions will deliver a reaction, we might start making excuses without realizing we are the ones creating the results in our lives.  

While developing as a professional, I used the word “because” as the perfect excuse not to move forward. I would say “I can’t because….” and fill in the blank space with whatever reason I could come up with. It was perfect, as it allowed me to rationalize why the world was so unfair to me and my struggles. When I stopped saying “because,” I started being responsible for my own actions.


Your mindset is foundational to pivot and implement personal or professional changes. Coaching in leadership development supports individuals to find their full potential and go beyond their present conditions. This is how business coach leadership training can help your company grow:

  • Connect with mentors and coaches to gain the transfer of information and Knowledge.
  • You need to have the right mindset to go beyond. You need to say: “There is more for me!”
  • You need to push yourself to keep going, otherwise, life will push you back. You need to have clarity of what you want.
  • Be your own architect and imagine what is possible for your life.
  • Challenge your inner critical voice and the voices outside of you.

Are you working to attain your fullest potential?

a formula for success

As you reflect on how important your thoughts are to either move forward or be paralyzed in mediocracy, I want to emphasize a great “formula” my friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell, that is part of our business coach leadership training. The formula is: 

The right thought plus the right people
in the right environment at the right time
for the right reason = the right results

As a coach and through business coach leadership training, I spend time reflecting and thinking about how I can help more people. I’m using my story to showcase how I, as a broken and abused child in Central America, had the courage to see beyond what my present circumstances were. I now use my experiences to lift people up and help them find their own untapped potential. 

utilize Business coaching and leadership training

Are you getting the right results in your life?  If not, I can help with your personal or organizational coaching in leadership development needs. Schedule a consultation to learn more. 

Remember: “People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.” — F.M. Alexander, Australian Actor

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