Our Resources

The resources we offer are at the top of the industry.  Ericka Kelly Enterprises takes pride in being elite influencers in the speaking, coaching, and training business.  Our resources are founded in dedication, discipline, and unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Every coaching session, class,  and seminar we conduct consists of highlighting how we support you unconditionally. We help our clients transform their thinking by challenging it with tough questions. Accountability and commitment are always enforced.


resource materials

The body of work in Ericka Kelly Enterprises is an accumulation of influences, from the executive coaching process to leadership training in the self-improvement industry. Our clients have access to:

If you want to shape your life as you would like and create your best work, it is time to find a way to improve and transform your life.  You have a choice to find meaning and substance to your life and the self-growth people around you deserve. 

We are here to help you!



With us as by your side, you can break barriers and face obstacles to achieve your personal goals, maximize your time to become more productive, and discover your capabilities and push past your fears.


When you come alongside us in your growth journey, you understand how truly successful working in a diverse environment can be. The team learns how to build up a sense of purpose in every area of each other’s lives.


The benefits in our self-development and professional growth training include the exclusive attention we provide our customers. This includes active interaction where our clients can become more effective and fulfilled individuals.


In our mastermind sessions, you learn how to identify with people and relate to individuals in a way that increases your influence with them. To be a successful leader, learn to communicate and honestly connect with others.