Delivering Results

At Ericka Kelly Enterprises, we are committed to making trained leaders transformational.  Our clients have learned how to see things others do not see.  The biggest result is the collaboration and retention of their employees.  This saves our clients thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Research by The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) suggests that replacement costs can be as high as 50%-60% with overall costs ranging anywhere from 90%-200%.  In other words, employee turnover costs can equal up to one-third of the employee’s annual salary.

executive coaching & leadership training

With our executive coaching and leadership training, our clients have hired the best candidates and prevented unnecessary resignations. Our pledge has always been to align and engage individuals and groups of people to stop companies’ turnover by 29% to 59%.  

From an individual perspective, we at Ericka Kelly Enterprises, have been able to help people move from having a career to have a calling.  They have been able to become successful entrepreneurs, been promoted to executive levels, and love the people they lead.


Our proven results create transformational leaders.  We provide new self-awareness. We help people change and impact a positive difference in their lives and the lives of the people they are responsible for.



With us as by your side, you can break barriers and face obstacles to achieve your personal goals, maximize your time to become more productive, and discover your capabilities and push past your fears.


When you come alongside us in your growth journey, you understand how truly successful working in a diverse environment can be. The team learns how to build up a sense of purpose in every area of each other’s lives.


The benefits in our self-development and professional growth training include the exclusive attention we provide our customers. This includes active interaction where our clients can become more effective and fulfilled individuals.


In our mastermind sessions, you learn how to identify with people and relate to individuals in a way that increases your influence with them. To be a successful leader, learn to communicate and honestly connect with others.