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The Best Professional Development Courses: What You’ll Learn

If you are a student of Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, or Earl Nightingale, you might be aware of the seven levels of consciousness. My message when teaching some of the best professional development courses available is simple: Learn the seven levels to become a better connector and producer in your company.

The seven levels of awareness and consciousness

Anyone looking for career coach consulting should be aware of the seven levels of awareness and consciousness.

Level One: Animal Consciousness

The lowest level of consciousness is classified as an animal level of awareness. This is where we are reactive and operate mostly by instinct. At this level, we are not thinking. We are reproducing learned behavior without the need for conscious intervention. In level of consciousness, we are driven by our environment and present circumstances.

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone looking for executive coaching in Los Angeles is to be conscious of how much time you are spending in this low level of thinking.

Level Two: Mass Consciousness

In a mass consciousness level, everyone is thinking like everyone else. We follow the masses and in the end, no one is thinking. A person in mass consciousness is absorbed by what other people think. Research indicates that we’re raised to conform to established norms. Part of us is designed to follow the crowd.

From personal experience with executive coaching, I share that what helped me at this level was to not worry about getting approval from people who did not believe in my dream. I stopped asking for permission and took the risk for my own future. It wasn’t easy. I just didn’t want to follow anymore.

Level Three: Aspiration Consciousness

Aspiration takes place when we look at doing things better than our present circumstances, but we do not act on our desires. Without aspiration, nothing changes, it is a foundation for transformation and evolution. We need to have the motivation to take the steps forward and the patience to know it is a process.

Level Four: Individual Consciousness

Individual consciousness is where we start to become aware of our uniqueness, our talents, and our abilities. At this level, we act from our aspirations and start gaining awareness of the possibilities in our life journey.

In the best professional development courses, we spend time celebrating the potential and the abilities of a strong team.

Level Five: Discipline Consciousness

At the discipline level of consciousness, we can give ourselves a command and follow it. This is where we move forward regardless of our existing environment and what others might think. The discipline level is also where we understand the compound effect of being persistent.

Level Six: Experience Consciousness

The way we get to a level of experience is by truly understanding failure. When in fact, failure is necessary to learn, to modify, and to change behavior or our actions.

Level Seven: Mastery Consciousness

The level of mastery is where an individual is no longer controlled by mental limitations, beliefs, habits, and ways of thinking. At this level, we can create at will. In other words, mastery is the conscious awareness of our oneness with all.

Benefits of executive coaching in Los Angeles

Mastering the understanding of the seven levels of consciousness is possible by having a professional and accredited coach— Ericka Kelly Enterprises can provide just that.

Schedule a consultation to get started. 

Remember: “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” — Jim Rohn

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