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The Different Types of Professional Development Courses

I hope things are going great for you. When you look at professional development courses, it is extremely important to know that they are critical in fighting self-limiting beliefs and pushing paralyzing comfort zones out of the way.

Development courses stretch you to a place of growth and freedom. They make you reflect and move you out of a place of ignorance to a place of empowerment where dreams become a reality.

about our courses

The development courses I facilitate support individuals in navigating and understanding how our beliefs reside in our subconscious and control most of our behavior. Unless we move those “files” up to our conscious, we will keep making the same decisions repeatedly. Some of the professional development trainings include five-week masterminds where participants meet once a week for an hour to learn how to better welcome change in their thinking, which results in growth and freedom.

Some the best professional development courses include full day seminars where participants learn how to truly connect with others and not just communicate. There is a huge difference between speaking words and actually relating at a human level with another person.

breaking comfort zones

These courses are there to help break comfort zones! One of my comfort zones was having a steady and safe job. It offered me a salary and a retirement after 20 years of work. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for that job.  As a single mom of two sons, I needed that safe environment. What I am saying is that it took many years for me to see other opportunities and to take risks in my own life’s journey. 

It took intentionality in investing in professional development courses and being willing to learn new talents. In short, professional development training is about changing our thinking to generate money, find opportunities, and solve problems effortlessly. My mentor and friend Dr. John C. Maxwell tells us in his book, “How Successful People Think” that changing our thinking is not automatic. As a matter of fact, it is difficult, and it takes time.

I am here to say that the investment of changing our thinking is worth it! For me, I had to reflect on my self-limiting beliefs of not being “good enough” to push forward in my careers. And more importantly, I had to change my thinking when I became a single mom.

How about you? Where do you need to change your thinking?  

Remember: “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.”
– Napoleon Hill, Author of “Think and Grow Rich”

Getting started with professional development courses

Ericka Kelly Enterprises, LLC has professional training courses to evoke effectiveness and productivity through co-learning, creativity, and collaboration. 

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