Ericka Kelly Enterprises, LLC

We’re a highly effective professional team that has over 25 years of proving tangible performance in all aspects of executive coaching and leadership development.  Our clients receive a world-class experience and are equipped with the tools resources and capabilities to develop a mindset of excellence.

Ericka Kelly’s Journey

An introduction from Ericka Kelly as an immigrant, to becoming a Criminal Investigator, to serving as a Command Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force. And now being a global professional speaker, coach, and trainer.

Proven Results

Ericka Kelly is introduced by her friend and mentor Dr. John C. Maxwell as a coach who has proven results for companies all over the globe with a reputation second to none.

John Maxwell Conference 2019

A short story of surviving a life and death situation. And the discovery of how fear blinds all from moving forward and paralyzes from making any decisions. A faith centered perspective of failure, success, and significance.


This book is available on Amazon P.E.R.S.I.S.T.E.N.C.E. Lessons from Air Force Chief Master Sergeants, empowering you to move from success to significance as a transformational leader. Ericka Kelly along with her co-author Lefford Fate hit the bestseller list on Amazon. within 24 hours of release achieving #1 new release in military strategy history and #1 and air force biographies.

John Maxwell Introduction

This is an introduction of Ericka Kelly as a top professional speaker by Paul Martinelli, CEO and President of the John Maxwell Certified Program. The John Maxwell team has certified members from over 160 countries around the world that speak, teach, train and coach using the world-class time-tested methods taught by John Maxwell himself.

John Maxwell Conference

A short story highlighting forgiveness. It focuses on how freeing forgiveness is and how to look at life from different perspectives. How forgiveness gives you a sense of peace, clarity, and a way of treating others with respect and dignity.

Airforce Retirement Message

A message of farewell after 32 years to the Air Force and the incredible women and men who serve to protect our nation.



With us as by your side, you can break barriers and face obstacles to achieve your personal goals, maximize your time to become more productive, and discover your capabilities and push past your fears.


When you come alongside us in your growth journey, you understand how truly successful working in a diverse environment can be. The team learns how to build up a sense of purpose in every area of each other’s lives.


The benefits in our self-development and professional growth training include the exclusive attention we provide our customers. This includes active interaction where our clients can become more effective and fulfilled individuals.


In our mastermind sessions, you learn how to identify with people and relate to individuals in a way that increases your influence with them. To be a successful leader, learn to communicate and honestly connect with others.