Inclusive Workplace Training

Why Employees Should Go Through Inclusive Workplace Training

Inclusive Workplace Training affords organizations the ability to create a safe and professional environment for everyone in your team.  It allows individuals to become transformational leaders. 

The new skills learned from inclusivity and diversity training allows leaders to influence people to think, speak, and act in such a way that it makes a positive difference in their lives and lives of others. Are you a transformational leader?

inclusivity and diversity training in organizations

This is what inclusivity and diversity training can bring to an organization:  

  1. Understanding that even after governments create laws to protect specific classes of people, those same laws can be misused and misunderstood.
  2. Go beyond just being “compliant.” After all, laws tend to be developed reactively rather than proactively; you and your organization deserve better.
  3. Treat everyone how they want to be treated (personalities, culture, and environment).
  4. Avoid and/or fix “quiet quitting” in your organization.
  5. Learn generational gaps in the workforce.

People want to feel safe, wanted, and be where their presence is appreciated. 

Comments from previous inclusive workplace trainings

Here is a list of interesting comments people have made in some of the international inclusivity and diversity training sessions I have facilitated:

  • Black History Month is in October for the UK. One mind-blowing thing I learned last year was about hair, and how people feel they have the right to touch/pull or even comment on how the hair is worn. To bring awareness, organizations have held a “Don’t Touch My Hair” event to share some other interesting facts.
  • In Ireland, many companies try to block or not include people with disabilities in the workplace.  In Ireland, only 36.5% of people with a disability are employed compared to 72.8% who are in the workplace without a disability.
  • Racism (or biases) has been embedded into our society and organizations. There is a lack of diversity in the C suite has been that way for hundreds of years.  It is hard to determine how much you want to speak up in order of fear of retaliation. 
  • Even in 2023, organizations do not fully respect or protect religion, disabilities, gender, and ethnicity in the workplace.
  • Impact is exceptionally important. The impact of the experience becomes a heavier weight on the individual’s experience moving forward if we don’t take the time to educate others.  This might be less the case in the USA (I don’t know), but it has served me well in the Asia Pacific area as a bridge to compassion and understanding.

The focus of our inclusive workplace training is to educate and show grace and understanding when people make negative assumptions about the unknown. We are careful to present the material with facts, personal stories, and competence.

getting started with inclusive workplace training

Ericka Kelly Enterprises’ inclusivity and diversity training showcases the need and benefits of inclusion in all aspects of leadership. Learn more or schedule a consultation to get started. 

Remember: “…You have the power to break bad habits and create good ones in their place— at will.” — Napoleon Hill, Autor

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